The Miracle of Being Alive: Living from the Gift

I am often struck by the marvel of what it is to be alive. Life is a gift which I received. I did nothing to earn it, yet here I am, experiencing what it is to be alive.

This life has incredible difficulties, pain and tragedies we traverse upon. Yet when challenges may attempt to overwhelm us, I come back to the gratitude of knowing the grace I have received is evidenced in the simple fact that I am alive.

When we step into the place of gratitude, grace empowers us to live from a place of hope, freedom and generosity. Our eyes are moved off of that which is attempting to cause us fear and we begin to take action for what needs to be done.


3 thoughts on “The Miracle of Being Alive: Living from the Gift

  1. Dylan, the heart of genuine agape that you carry inspires me. Your mission inspires me. Your discovery of what people most want inspires me. You are truly remarkable. Wishing you God’s best blessings and many more discoveries as you travel with Him.

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  2. Dylan, Praying that God, who has inspired your heart and spirit will enable your body, mind, and pocketbook to accomplish what He has shown you. And thank you for the likes at
    God bless your travels.

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