8 days until Chicago Training

Dear Friends,

Since the beginning of 2019 I have been preparing to move overseas to one of the poorest countries in Central Asia to live and work for a minimum of five years to serve people in need. I am entering the next stage in this process, and I greatly need your help to move forward.

June 9 – 14 I am going to Chicago for a week of training with the organization that I will be serving with overseas. Once this training is complete, I will be 100% approved to begin the moving process and join their team working overseas.

I need to raise $500 for the registration costs of training which need to paid as soon as possible.

Your investment in my life and work I’ll be doing to serve people around the world is tremendously valued and appreciated. Thank you!

If you aren’t able to give, please consider sharing this campaign with others.

Thank you,


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