6 days to go!

Dear Friends,

I am in the process of moving with my soon-to-be-wife to one of the poorest countries in the world where I am committing at least the next five years to build long-term relationships with people locally, working to create and develop projects that will meet needs and transform lives for the better.

My job overseas will be to determine the needs people and communities have, and come alongside them to develop strategies and projects that will drastically increase the well-being of people who currently lack resources such as clean water, food and other basic necessities. Everything I will be doing will start with forming relationships because I believe connection and listening to others is the first key step towards genuine, lasting change.

A crucial step in my process for going is happening June 9 – 14. I am flying to Chicago for a week of orientation and training with the international organization who is sending us. I need to raise $500 as soon as possible before June 9 in order to cover the costs of registration and orientation. Would you consider partnering with me? Please click here to fund the campaign.

Update: we are now at $185.43 of $500 raised. Thank you to those who are chipping in to make this happen!


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