Coffee Is A Human Right

I met someone last night who works at a coffee shop in an area heavily populated by those who are homeless, suffering with mental illness, drug addiction and other issues. The coffee shop essentially acts as a service to the people in the area, and the person I met said she thinks everyone, no matter how much money they have, deserves to have a quality cup of coffee. “Coffee is a human right?” I slightly humorously asked. “Yes! I mean it is 98% water” she replied.

Yet the conversation inspired deeper thoughts. Businesses are often drawn to areas where they know they can make the most money, but what if businesses looked to provide their profits and services where it most needed? What if businesses looked more like causes the public want to support because they are helping the most vulnerable among us?

Many businesses certainly do have focused on serving their communities, and I’m not meaning to diminish that, yet I was inspired to hear of this coffee shop business that intentionally placed itself in a very low-income area because of their belief that everyone should have good coffee.


One thought on “Coffee Is A Human Right

  1. Thanks again for another great post. You know, I think you are right about businesses. If businesses would use their services to help those less fortunate in any way, their profits would increase because people love companies that show human kindness and they will support them by using their services. I give that coffee shop owner a big thumbs up.


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