Love will be our fuel through all storms

I’ve always known it to be there, somewhere rolling around my skull but not originating there. Like feeling a wind blowing in one moment from the south, then the north, then the west, then the east; until realizing the wind came not from any particular point but was swirling all around as in a chaotic wholeness. And if you sat near many campfires when the wind does this, you have probably experienced those times when no matter where you move the wind keeps changing direction so as to blow smoke right where you are, telling you to continue moving; to never be too comfortable in stagnation where you are or you may be as memorized by the flame’s false love-signal as the bedazzled moth.

Life was never meant to be motionless. We are destined to progress towards our dreams and walk deeply in that which makes our souls sing with praise and delight. Fear would attempt to keep us where we are, afraid of what might happen should we venture onward in our truest calling. Do not let fear corrupt your vision. Stay mindful and motivated by Love and it will fuel us through all storms.


One thought on “Love will be our fuel through all storms

  1. I continue to enjoy the insightfulness and inspiration of your posts. Your positivity is outstanding. I will continue to glean joy from reading them.


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